Illness And Healing

If you are battling illness in your life, you know what it means to feel strength fade and hope dim. It is hard for a healthy person to understand your battle.

When Health is Gone We often forget what a blessing good health is until it is gone. Even though we cannot ensure good health, there are things we can do to increase our health.

The first step is to stop doing things that we know cause illness. If you are living a lifestyle that ruins your health, it is likely that illness and disease result. The Bible describes it by saying: “you will reap what you sow.”

Our bodies are not designed to be abused. People who spend their days looking for a party or who work endless days without rest will eventually get sick! But, honor your body and take the time to rest, and allow your body time to heal. Just eating healthy food and getting enough sleep can cure many illnesses!

Taking the Right Steps

We should be careful to manage stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle, control our eating habits, and exercise.

Sometimes you need to go to a physician for help. Doctors are well-trained to deal with illness. They can prescribe the appropriate actions and medicines to help us. If our illness can be cured or treated, they will know how to do it.

The third thing we can do is turn to Jesus. He is our Great Physician, our spiritual healer.

Finding Spiritual Healing
The Bible declares that Jesus Christ came to earth to “heal those who needed healing.” Jesus is the Son of God and He has the power to cure sickness over time or to even to heal us instantly.

Jesus can heal our bodies, gives us a new heart, and transform our minds. He heals completely in all areas of our lives, in the body, the mind and the soul.

It is good to remember that Jesus heals according to His will and purpose.

…He will walk through your illness with you.
Jesus is not a servant who jumps when you snap your fingers. But he loves you and does offer you both spiritual healing and physical healing, if you will only ask. Sometimes God’s healing happens right away. At other times, His healing may take time. But whichever way He chooses to answer, He will walk through your illness with you.

You can take the road from illness to health by eliminating those actions that may have led to your illness, by following the directives of your doctor, and most importantly, by turning your situation over to Jesus.